Chamber of Psychotherapists Bremen – Chamber of Physicians, Chamber of Dentists and Chamber of Psychotherapists work together in advanced training

The obligation to further training has been a matter of course for doctors, dentists and psychotherapists for years. The Bremen Medical Association has been offering a voluntary advanced training certificate for chamber members who have proven their advanced training to the chamber for three years, and this is widely requested. Now the legislature has stipulated in SGB V that compliance with this training obligation will also be checked from next year.

The President of the Bremen Medical Association, Dr. Auerswald, the President of the Dental Association, Dr. Petersen and the President of the Chamber of Psychotherapists, Mr Schroemgens, have now agreed to work more closely together on the training. In future, the advanced training events accredited by the chambers will be mutually recognized. A specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy can also take part in advanced training events organized by the Chamber of Psychotherapists and vice versa. A dentist can also take part in advanced training measures by the Medical Association if they further qualify him for his work. The respective chamber members are to be informed in future about the further training offers of all three Bremen health chambers.

In addition, the existing and planned training regulations are to be adjusted. Furthermore, the presidents intend to introduce a largely uniform test procedure in order to keep the necessary bureaucratic effort as low as possible.

It is the first agreement of this kind in Germany.


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