Chameleon Dara Rolins: She replaced these hairstyles for her career!

Dara Rolins has been famous since she was a child. Since then, she has changed countless hairstyles. It can look a bit like a chameleon to its fans. We bring you an overview of the best hair creations she has ever had on her head.

Dara Rolins had ledasco on her head. They are simply not afraid of anything. He most often wears straight hair, but does not resist even curly. She most often wore them alongside Matěj Homola, with whom she has a daughter Laura. She fell head over heels in love with the frontman of the band Wohnout, but in 2010 they announced a breakup.

At that time, however, they had not lived together for a year and a half. Homol’s infidelity was to blame, for which he then publicly poured ashes on his head.

“People sometimes cheat, everyone solves it with their conscience, I can name my reasons as the most declining male instincts, nothing more, nothing less. A flight for one evening, a short circuit that cannot be excused. I can’t speak for others, but basically infidelity is, of course, a failure. Sometimes it is not known about her, other times a slap solves it and sometimes it breaks a relationship like this, “Homola told at the time.

During their relationship, Homola forgot about another woman

At that time, Dara didn’t pay much attention to herself and there was no question of hairstyles. The infidelity of the beloved man took her away.

“I do not understand anything. For example, why he held my hand when he already belonged to another woman at that time. Why did he shout to the media how much he loves me and wants another child with me? ”Dara asked, disappointed.

Later, however, she met rapper Rytmus, who was much closer to her heart than Homol had ever been, and spent seven years with him. No one expected a breakup after so many years, but it happened. Dara was left alone and Rytmus fell in love with the beautiful Jasmina Alagič.

“Patrick and I are exactly the same and I’m very happy about it. I found a person with the same “disorder” and I am very happy because someone finally understands me. Patrik won me over by being a big heartbreaker. It’s amazing as it is. We have the same temperament. When he loves, he loves to the fullest, “Jasmina confided to the website.

After breaking up with Rhythm, Dara wanted him back

Dara Rolins later wanted him back, or so it looked like on a social network. But Patrik did not appreciate her speech and fired her in an instant.

„8. October was, is and will be. And no matter how the cards are dealt today, I know that I will always pay close attention to that date and song. I don’t want to forget the feeling when I first let it go. Even thanks to these emotions, I know what it means to love, “Dara talked about the song that Rytmus once composed for her.

“The fact that, in addition to my photos, Patrik deleted this song from his YouTube channel is actually another proof of how different people are already in the basic principles of life,” said the singer.

“Please let us live with Jasmine our love. We have been separated since January and it is already October. That’s 9 months! Give us happiness as we wish it to you and don’t go back to the past, ”replied Patrik, who already lives another life. He has a son, Sanel, with Jasmine Alagic.


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