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Champions League, Tottenham-Dortmund 3-0: Pochettino sees the quarterfinals

The Tottenham exultation. Afp

The Tottenham exultation. Afp

Evening to be framed for Pochettino and his Spurs, capable of liquidating the Borussia Dortmund with a 3-0 round that tremendously approaches the goal of the quarterfinals. In fact, Wembley reigns balance until the second half, when a flash of Son paves the way to Tottenham. Without his stars, Pochettino has again caught the joker with the South Korean, which confirms the amazing moment with the fourth center in the last four games (the 16 seasonal in 32 appearances). Vertonghen and Llorente closed the finals in the final minutes, forcing Borussia to a genuine miracle in the challenge of returning to Germany.

The lines chosen by Favre and Pochettino reveal all the dilemmas and the emergency of the two technicians: without Kane, Alli, Dier, Davies and Rose on one side, and Reus, Alcacer, Weigl and Piszczek on the other, both of whom remained to do of necessit virtue. For Pochettino meant to aim for a very muscular median and a thick defense. For Favre it meant instead to move Gotze into a "false 9" position, but with a trocar full of talent and quality in the feet of Pulisic and Sancho. They were in fact to inspire every offensive action of a short Borussia, compact and committed to push along the side lanes, especially right on the axis Achraf-Sancho. l that the English proved to be more vulnerable, because the overlaps of the Moroccan united to the tears and the cues of Sancho have easily tilted the opposing defense. From the right front of the Germans were born the best opportunities, with a shot of Witsel from the outside and a header from Zagadou (on the center of Sancho) refused with difficulty by Lloris. Only a scissor at the side of a breath instead for the Spurs in the first 45 'despite a ball possession close to 65%.


In general, better than Borussia Dortmund, able at least to produce sporadic flare-ups. But at the beginning of recovery here is the breakthrough, generated by the first defensive burr of the guests: lost ball from Achraf, center of Vertonghen and right to the flight of Son that has left no way out to Burki. A boulder for Borussia, dissolved with the passing of the minutes without being able to sketch a reaction. Indeed, Tottenham could juggle at will, limiting himself to guard his own halfway with a paused possession and sudden restart. Meanwhile, with Gotze and Pulisic in debt of oxygen and Dahoud not reached, the Germans have lowered the center of gravity by surrendering to the adversary. That first graced Burki with a resounding sleep of Eriksen on the break, then hit again with Vertonghen, quick to surprise the defense of Borussia on a center of Aurier. Clashing the final skid of the gialloneri, who instead of limiting the damage in the last minutes have been tucked again all'86 'by a header of the new entered Llorente, author of a shot that is worth as a sentence.


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