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Champions, Pochettino's turnaround on the Var: "Football is changing"

  Mauricio Pochettino, 47 years old. Getty

Mauricio Pochettino, 47 years old. Getty

There is also light in Manchester on this Easter eve marked by good weather. From the upper floors of downtown buildings, the profile of the Etihad very early morning visible. The quiet stadium after having given an extraordinary Champions' challenge and a return of the quarters entered the myth: Manchester wins 4-3 and greets, Tottenham loses and lands for the first time in the tournament semifinals thanks to the 1-0 of the gone. Five goals in the first 21 ', the highlight episodes decided by the VAR – Llorente's network validated and Sterling's 5-3 at 93' canceled due to offside by Aguero -, masterpieces, smears, roller coasters among the emotions: what a night, the night of Manchester.

What remains of this incredible match are three things: the VAR, an illuminating phrase by Pochettino who wrote the history of Spurs, the style of Pep Guardiola. The VAR and Pochettino merge into a single story. Tottenham's coach explains, always critical of technology: "With the VAR a new kick is being born". The Argentinian coach, running to celebrate under the sector occupied by his fans and immortalized in the photos with Llorente by his side and Son on his shoulders, after having defined his players "heroes", says: "The green light for the VAR will change the history of this sport. You have to trust technology, even when it is against your team. " And he adds: "The beautiful football for the emotions that can give you in a race like this. Now head up. In football everything is possible, even if Tottenham wins the Champions ". They are the other cover man, three goals in the round, true City executioner, but, beware, the Korean will take the first semi-final against Ajax through suspension. A big problem, given that Kane is missing due to injury.

On the night he could bring him back to the penultimate act of the Champions League, Guardiola greeted Europe with great style: "It is very hard, so cruel to go out, but we must accept it. I am proud of my team, I am proud of the fans, never seen as hot as in this match. Now we have to sleep, regain our strength and concentrate on the championship. For nine months we have been fighting in the Premier. Even here very hard, but we can do it ”. Pep and the City play everything in four days: on Saturday again Tottenham at the Etihad, on Wednesday 24 the derby at the Old Trafford. The dream of the "quadruple" vanished, but the Treble is still possible.

From our correspondent Stefano Boldrini

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