This Saturday the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, rejected the statements that resulted from a forum this Friday in Washington, U.S, organized by the Center for International Strategic Studies (CSIS).

At the meeting, the former undersecretary of State for International Drug Trafficking Affairs of the United States (USA), William Brownfield, said that perhaps the only way that exists for the situation in Venezuela is through "a total restructuring of the government, which would be the equivalent of a change of regime."

He also added that both the US and the region have to understand that the resolution of the topic Venezuela requires a "punishment" that will affect the population, reviewed the Colombian web portal El Tiempo.

In that sense, Juan Zarate, Senior Advisor in CSIS and former official in previous US governments, stressed that a similar outcome will only come when the international community apply the maximum political, diplomatic and economic pressure against the government of Nicolás Maduro, which would include torpedo the country's oil exports, something that The US has not done it because it depends on them and because it does not want to cause more damage to the Venezuelan population, said Zarate.

The two agreed that the international community will have to play an important role, not only as a catalyst for that change, but also in what will continue once they achieve the exit from power of the current Government; especially with economic support and support in the reconstruction of the institutions.

Chancellor Arreaza, assured through his Twitter account that "from the US are still obsessed with intervening Venezuela", and in the CSIS Americas (Center for Strategic and International Studies Americas Program, for its acronym in English), "plan actions for a supposed" Day After ", disguising with academic air a vulgar blow to democracy for seize natural resources and twist the will of the Venezuelan people"

At the same time, he denounced that both US representatives act as "crime planners", and that his statements "openly acknowledge that PETROLEUM is the factor that makes Venezuela a target of these aggressions." PDVSA and CITGO are "vital" to its such "Day After." It is clear what the final objective evil is, "he added.

"The ineffable Brownfield, expert in hatred and wars, celebrates that the "sanctions" of the US have harmful effects against the Venezuelan people (diseases, scarcity, poverty). Precisely for that reason it raises "accelerate the tragedy ", concluded the Chancellor of the Republic, Jorge Arreaza.

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