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Germany will soon have its third strike by train drivers from the German railway company Deutsche Bahn (DB). Freight transport will start it on Wednesday afternoon and passenger transport will be added on Thursday morning. This was announced by the head of the driver’s union of train drivers (GDL) Claus Weselsky, according to which the railways did not submit any acceptable offer to increase wages. The trade unionists want to end the protest on Tuesday at 02:00. The strike will mean traffic complications for millions of people. It can be expected that no direct trains will run between Berlin and Prague again.

“It is one of our longest strikes,” Weselsky said, adding that the unions had no choice because of the reluctance of the DB leadership. One week ago, Wednesday after the end of the second strike, Weselsky warned that another protest would follow if the railways did not submit a reasonable offer. However, he then ruled out the possibility of announcing an indefinite strike.

The GDL, which went on strike twice this month, wants to achieve a 1.4 percent wage increase this year and another 1.8 percent next year. It also requires a one-off contribution of € 600 (approximately CZK 15,300) due to the effects of the covid-19 pandemic.

German DB railways consider the third strike to be a border crossing and call on the unions to act. DB extends the validity of tickets for the days of the strike until 17 September.


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