Chanel and Carmen Farala, to launch ‘Slo Mo’ throughout Europe

The repercussion that the Benidorm Fest has had beyond the political controversies and the decision of the jury is evident by the musical success of its participants. Rigoberta Bandini, with Ow mom, has been the theme with the most downloads in Spain and the Terra de Tanxugueiras, Lloreria street of Rayden and the Rafaella by Varry Brava, are among Spotify’s favorites and among the most viewed on Youtube in Spain.

Varry Brava came to comment that they could have entered the San Marino Eurovision team this Saturday, but there will only be one Spanish participant, Cristina Ramos from the Canary Islands.

The song that will represent Spain in Eurovision 2022, Chanel’s Slo Mo, begins to take off in its international diffusion, after being well received on YouTube (with 4 million views between its three videos), with dozens of pieces of reactions in addition . The song also has 2.6 million listeners on Spotify. It occupies number 15 on the international list and number 2 in Spain.

Slo Mo is being popular in countries like Greece (the one that has voted the most for Spain in recent difficult years), Croatia, Cyprus or Armenia, reaching American countries such as Uruguay, Chile or Argentina.

Chanel is rehearsing for the musical Malinche, in Madrid, but will be focusing more and more on the Eurovision representation whose first touchstone will be the selection in Portugal for March 7.

The Barcelona artist trusted her two performances at the Benidorm Fest in the costumes by Carmen Farala, winner of Drag Race España. It has been known that the model that he wore in the final on Saturday was made by the Sevillian in one day.