Chanel doesn’t sell to Russians anywhere in the world anymore, to the fury of influencers: “They wouldn’t sell me a handbag because I’m from Russia!”

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Fashion company Chanel no longer sells products to Russians, even if they want to buy products in a store outside of Russia. To the anger of numerous Russian influencers, who accuse the company of supporting fascism and Nazism.

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Chanel – like many other companies – closed all stores in Russia after the invasion of Ukraine. But the French company is also restricting the sale of products to Russian citizens, it says as a result of European sanctions. “The latest restrictions imposed by the European Union prohibit the sale, directly or indirectly, of luxury products to any person or company in the Russian Federation, or for use in the Russian Federation,” it said in a press release.

Russian customers wishing to purchase Chanel products from a store outside of Russia are therefore asked to “confirm that they will not use the purchased products in Russia,” Chanel said.

“It is so low to support fascism and Russophobia”

That statement, however, can count on little understanding from the numerous Russian influencers, who like to show off the expensive French brand. “I went to a Chanel boutique in Dubai,” interior designer Liza Litvin, for example, complains. “They wouldn’t sell me a handbag because I’m (attention!) from Russia!!!”

Singer and TV presenter Anna Kalashnikova was also unable to buy earrings and a handbag from Chanel in Dubai. “The manager said: We know you are a Russian celebrity. We know that you will be taking these purchases with you to Russia, so we cannot sell the products to you. Then it occurred to me that Coco Chanel was not just the mistress of a Nazi officer, but a secret agent for German intelligence,” Kalashnikova said. She also announced that she would boycott Chanel from now on. “It is so low to support fascism and Russophobia.”

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“This is a shock for a woman who has been buying Chanel for more than 20 years,” Yana Rudkovskaya complains. The wife of Olympic speed skating champion Alexander Plushenko says she has bought more than a million euros worth of Chanel products over the years, and calls the ban “humiliating”.

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, “Chanel is participating in a Russophobic campaign to destroy Russia.” cancellen”, said spokesman Maria Zakharova. She also referred to the Second World War: “Coco Chanel herself was a collaborator and an agent of the Third Reich. Russia is currently in a campaign against fascism in Ukraine. Chanel can return to normality and, like its founder, support Nazism. But now everyone will know.”