Chang Buda people were entrusted by “Huo Jianhua” to reveal the true face of the star: the first time I met such an artist | Entertainment | CTWANT

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Huo Jianhua and Lin Xinru are well-known silver couples in the entertainment industry. (Photo/reposted from Ruby Lin’s Facebook page)

Huo Jianhua married Lin Xinru, 3 years his senior, in 2016. The couple has a 5-year-old daughter Huo Xiaoru (little dolphin). Compared with Lin Xinru who often faces the media because of his work relationship, Huo Jianhua is much more low-key. However, for Ruby Lin’s birthday recently, Huo Jianhua specially arranged a surprise birthday party. The “Balloon Ke Nan” who took over the venue decoration posted an article on the 28th to share the process of getting along with Huo Jianhua himself, calling it “the first time I met such an artist “.

On the 28th, Ke Nan, a Buda performer, shared on Facebook that he had received Lin Hsinju’s birthday arrangement, and unexpectedly met Huo Jianhua himself to tour the venue, “When I was halfway through the day, I saw a familiar face , it’s Huo Jianhua himself!”

Ke Nan revealed Huo Jianhua's kind behavior.  (Picture / Reposted from Ke Nan's Facebook of Modeling Balloon)
Ke Nan revealed Huo Jianhua’s kind behavior. (Picture / Reposted from Ke Nan’s Facebook of Modeling Balloon)

Because Ke Nan was working with his nephew during the Spring Festival, Huo Jianhua said thoughtfully after seeing it: “Will the balloons disturb him over there? Otherwise, you can push the stroller over and I will take care of the children for you. During this period, Huo Jianhua seemed to treat his friends as if he had no pretensions at all. He also readily agreed to Ke Nan’s sister’s photo request. After taking the photo, he gave a red envelope to his nephew and wished him a happy new year. Ke Nan also admitted “This sudden move surprised us very much!”

In addition, Huo Jianhua also praised, “Wow! You guys worked very hard. It’s super beautiful. This cotton wall is so special.” , this must be given to you!” Ke Nan thought that the other party might just make a joke and give 600 for auspiciousness, but he didn’t expect to go back and find out that he had paid 2,000 yuan, and he called Huo Jianhua: “It’s really generous!” He complimented miserably: “I have met many artists, but they will help take care of children. This is the first time I have met them. In short, I think good luck is coming this year.”

Unexpectedly, as soon as the post was published, Ruby Lin himself left a message under the post: “Thank you.” Many netizens also praised: “Brother Hua is a good actor with super positive views!”, “Huo Jianhua can take a photo with Ke Nan, it’s too profitable”, “Real big-name artists don’t play big names, It’s really good”, “A very kind and airless star, push it”, “Huo Ge is so warm!”, “A man who is handsome and loves his wife and family, I can’t give praise”, “Emperor Qianlong is really generous You’ve made a lot of money.” “The couple are artists I admire very much. Ruby Lin is the most authentic and unpretentious artist I have always admired from the bottom of my heart. I really appreciate her inner and outer beauty.”

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