change everything. The new model

In this 2022 the collection of tax bills changes completely. Let’s see how.

The taxman has stood still for too long during the Covid pandemic and now the great fiscal machine must catch up with all the backlog. In fact, the terrible pandemic has forced a forced stop to the activities of the Revenue Agency and so now it is recovering in large volumes. Are there as many as 200,000 letters that Italians and especially VAT numbers will be delivered this year? But why so many? In 2019, the Revenue Agency had sent out letters of compliance in the number of 270,000. This year we want to go back to those numbers. Compliance is a mechanism that the Revenue Agency likes because it makes everything easier and faster. It is a good-natured invitation to comply.

The big news of the disappearance of the ag

So with compliance, the taxpayer gets back in good standing thanks to industrious repentance. Therefore the taxpayer pays a limited amount and the taxman can immediately close the practice pocketing quickly. Obviously, citizens can always oppose compliance findings, if they deem them unfounded. But few do. The big news this year is the disappearance of the premium. So the taxpayer is seen to lighten the sum due to the tax authorities by as much as 3%. The premium rather than disappearing ends up at the expense of the state. A small saving for the taxpayer, but the notification costs remain at the expense of the taxpayer. But the economic situation has deteriorated a lot and many political forces believe that without a scrapping quater or an extension of the balance and excerpt, too many will find themselves in difficulty.

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The fact is that as of this year the truce between the tax authorities and citizens has ended, but the covid emergency has not. Indeed, with inflation everything is more difficult.

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Therefore, many are waiting for measures that offer more breathing space to Italians.

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