Changed opening hours | Norwegian gambling

From 2 December, the opening hours for the sale of games at Norsk Tipping will change.

The new opening hours are:

Sports games 07:00-03:00.
Lotteries and other games 07:00-01:00.

It is the new gambling regulations that regulate the opening hours for the sale of games. The regulation applies to all legal gambling providers. The regulation applies from 1 January, but Norsk Tipping implements the changes from 2 December.

The opening hours of Customer Service are not affected by changed opening hours for sales.

For commissioner/premises owner:

Multix and Belago 07:00–00:00.
Opening hours for the tipping terminal in the kiosk and shop will depend on the commissioner’s own opening hours, but must not go beyond the opening hours 07:00–23:45.