Changes in Reino Barack’s Appearance Make Syahrini Excited, Recorded When Incessant Eats in Singapore

BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID – Singer Syahrini was excited about Reino Barack while eating together at a restaurant in Singapore.

The trigger for the singer, who is warmly called Incess, to become excited is because of Reino Barack’s new hairstyle.

Syahrini revealed the latest appearance of her husband who had just cut his hair.

Reino Barack’s short hairstyle which is now preferred by Syahrini.

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This is as revealed by Syahrini in uploading photos via his personal account Instagram stories on Sunday (8/5/2022) yesterday.

From’s monitoring on Monday (9/5/2022) in the Instagram stories of @princessyahrini, Syahrini was seen eating at his favorite restaurant accompanied by Reino Barack.

“We come almost everyday, coz, the food is super delicious nomnomnom, “ ujar Syahrini.

After recording the appearance of the delicious food that she ordered, Incess then showed off her husband’s photo.

Reino Barack had just cut his long hair which caught Incess’s attention.

Syahrini took a photo of her husband who was looking at the gadget while sitting in front of the dining table.

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Syahrini and Reino Barack eat at their favorite restaurant in Singapore. (Instagram stories @princessyahrini)