Changes in the 500 plus. ZUS is already getting ready. What will change?

The Social Insurance Institution is getting ready to handle the “Rodzina 500 plus” program. – I assure you that from January 1 next year we will be ready for it – says the president of ZUS, prof. Gertruda Uścińska.

  • From the new year, ZUS will start taking over from local governments the service of the 500 plus program. Initially, it will only accept applications for new benefits
  • Benefits currently paid by communes will be continued until the end of the period for which they were granted, i.e. until the end of May 2022. Only then will they be taken over by ZUS
  • For parents, the most important changes are: the end of the possibility of submitting paper applications and payment of the benefit only in a non-cash form
  • You can find more such information on the Onet homepage

The latest amendment to the law on state aid in bringing up children stipulates that the “Family 500 plus” program will be serviced and the benefits will be paid out by the Social Insurance Institution, and not – as before – by municipalities. Parents will be able to submit applications for the benefit only electronically.