‘Channel One’ filed an offering of 496.25 million shares.

‘Channel One’ submitted a filing offering to IPOs of no more than 496.25 million shares, found ‘Bie the Star’ holding the No. 5 shares.

News reports from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) revealed that The One Enterprise Public Company Limited has filed an application for approval (Fireing) offering ordinary shares to the general public for the first time. (IPO) of not more than 496,252,500 shares, consisting of no more than 476,250,000 newly issued ordinary shares offered by the Company and not more than 20,002,500 ordinary shares offered by Scenario, totaling not more than 20.8%. Of the total number of issued and paid-up ordinary shares of the Company after the issuance and offering of IPO shares

The funds raised will be used to repay loans, financial institutions, business expansion and working capital. Koi has a policy of paying dividends 40% of net profit from normal operations and has Kiatnakin Phatra Securities Public Company Limited as its financial advisor while future projects There are plans to invest the money to produce programs to increase audience market share and TV advertising revenue. Increase the productivity of the program Empowerment of Online Services Construction and upgrading of ACTS filming locations etc.

The list of major shareholders is Prananporn Co., Ltd. of Prasat Thong Osot Group. 952,500,000 shares, 50.00%, GMM Grammy Plc. 595,774,850 shares, 31.27%, Thakonkiet Wirawan group, including Scenario Takonkiet Weerawan Amonpimon Weerawan Rosanaporn Veerawan And Nichar Weerawan holds 341,225,000 shares, holding 17.91%, the Sosothikul family, which is Rarom Sosotthikul and Piya Sosotthikul, holds 7,000,000 shares, representing 0.37%, and Mr. Sukrit Wisetkaew or Bie The Star, a famous singer and actor, holds 2,500,000 shares, a 0.13% stake.

However, the main business group of the Company has 5 parts, namely the program production business. Copyright management And provides television channels, radio program production business At on-air through websites and applications, production and service business, in addition to channel one31 and GMM25 also contract production for third parties, event business And other related businesses such as artist management Sell ​​products related to the group’s shows or artists. And location rental business for filming, working and organizing etc.