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CelebritiesThe shooting of the action comedy ‘Back in action’ is not going smoothly. According to the newspaper ‘The Sun’, actor Jamie Foxx (55) causes chaos on the set and four employees have already been fired as a result. The problems are a damper for Cameron Diaz (50), who is making her comeback on the big screen in the film after a nine-year break.

It has been since ‘Annie’ in 2014 that Cameron Diaz made her appearance in a cinema print. The actress says she retired for a while because she wanted to spend more time with her family. The Hollywood star, who tied the knot with Good Charlotte singer Benjamin Madden (44) in 2015, has one three-year-old daughter named Raddix. Thanks to Jamie Foxx, who also acted alongside Cameron in ‘Annie’, the actress decided to return to acting. The action comedy ‘Back in action’, which started shooting in London at the end of last year, should herald Diaz’s great comeback.

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Anything but popular

Unfortunately, it’s raining trouble on set, courtesy of Jamie Foxx, who also serves as an executive producer on the film. “He has completely lost his mind,” a source tells the newspaper ‘The Sun’. “Suddenly he started making all kinds of bizarre demands, such as the dismissal of four employees. These included his driver and an assistant director. As if that would solve the problems. The crew and cast members are more than tired of his annoying behavior. He is anything but popular on set.”

Earlier, however, Cameron Diaz reacted euphorically to her new collaboration with Foxx. “You are the only one who can get me back to acting,” she said in a telephone conversation with her co-star. “I can’t wait for the shooting to start. It will be great!” It is not clear whether the actress still supports those statements.

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