Chaots are fooling Cologne: alarm at KVB stop again

Cologne –

After unknown chaots caused alarms and closures at six different KVB stops on Wednesday (July 1) (which the KVB boss explained – read more here), the fire brigade also had to deploy on Thursday (July 2).

Florastraße stop in Cologne-Nippes affected

More lubricants were reported at the Florastraße stop in Nippes. A KVB team was also on site. Here too, a conspicuous, possibly caustic liquid, which is associated with Grafitti lubricants, is said to have been found. The stop was closed for an hour between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m.

Another incident in the north of Cologne: ten KVB railways smeared

Another serious incident was reported in the afternoon. Chaoten smeared ten trams of lines 12 and 15 from the inside, “partially massive”, said KVB spokeswoman Gudrun Meyer.

At the time of the attack, the trains commuted between the Merkenich and Chorweiler end stops. The background is a construction measure, which is why the route between the Scheibenstraße and Wilhelm-Sollmann-Straße stations is closed.

The KVB had to pull all the smeared tracks out of traffic to clean them.

Lubricants at the Thielenbruch stop

Further caustic smearings were discovered at the Thielenbruch stop on Thursday evening. Railways were diverted, the smears were also found in the railways. (


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