Chapter 65 of Leandro Díaz of February 3, 2022

Miriam is about to cheat on Reinaldo. She has told him that she wants to help Leandro see his children, but she really wants to help Arturo capture him.

Toño asks Matilde Lina what happened between them. She told him that nothing and clarifies that each one went separately.

Urbano meets Luz and she tells him that they are forcing her to get married. Onofre tries to advise Urbano about his heartaches. He tells him that there are many women in the world and that he should move on.

Matilde Lina has a dream about Leandro. She gets up and realizes that everything has been a product of her imagination.

Leandro is on his way to San Diego in a truck full of cotton. The problem is that Miriam has made an alliance with Arturo to capture Leandro.