Charges for approving an inexperienced entity a pavement contract in Nóvita

A contract for $10,594 million pesos, awarded to an inexperienced entity, entangled the former president of Arauca José Facundo Castillo Cisneros.

Having given his vote of confidence to an entity with little experience to carry out civil works has the former governor of Arauca, José Facundo Castillo Cisneros, against the ropes, to whom the Attorney General’s Office, for this fact, opened a charge sheet.

The facts date back to September 2021 when the project, called “Construction of rigid concrete pavement of the road that connects the township of San Lorenzo to the township of Santa Rosa, in the municipality of Nóvita (Chocó)” was granted, for execution, to the MIXED FUND and whose approval also had the endorsement of the Collegiate Body of Peace Administration and Decision, -OCAD PAZ. The fact that entangles the former president of Arauca is that he, as a representative of the departments in the OCAD PAZ, had a voice and a vote to choose the entity in charge of executing the road infrastructure project and, without taking into account the alarms that had already When the control entity found out about the lack of experience of the MIXED FUND, it gave its vote of confidence to said entity.

Another aggravating circumstance against ex-governor Castillo Cisneros is that he did not comply with the recommendations that the director of OCAD PAZ gave regarding said executor and the lack of trust and lack of suitability to carry out works of this type.

The Public Ministry warned that the MIXED FUND not only cracked in percentage of performance but also in the planning, approval and execution of the project.

Given the events, the Delegate Prosecutor for Monitoring Royalty Resources, John Harvey Pinzón, considers that the former official’s attitude “is serious and was executed with intent because he knew the facts constituting a disciplinary offense.”

The delegate emphasizes that the former official “having been warned of the shortcomings that the MIXED FUND had to execute civil works contracts, ignored the warning by issuing and ratifying his positive vote in favor of said entity.”

Lastly, Attorney John Harvey Pinzón Navarrete called on governors, mayors and members of OCAD PAZ to “exercise stricter control in terms of the selection of entities that meet the standards for the execution of said projects and more so when substantial royalty resources are at stake.”

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2023-06-05 22:39:26