Charging an electric car: hardly any chances in apartment buildings

According to an ADAC survey of property managers, only seven percent of apartment buildings with more than ten parking spaces have charging stations or wall boxes for residents.

If you live in an apartment building with an attached underground car park and want to charge your electric car there, only finds a reasonable way to do this in one out of 13 cases. This is shown by an ADAC survey of property managers in the eleven major German cities, including the NRW metropolises of Cologne and Düsseldorf. 18 percent of apartment buildings with more than ten parking spaces now have a power connection. Of these, only seven percent offer residents charging stations or wall boxes. Eleven percent have a socket that ADAC believes is unsuitable for charging electric cars. Four out of ten power connections are operated with green electricity. Compared to the first ADAC survey in 2019, the charging options have increased slightly. At that time, only two percent of the properties had at least one charging station or wall box and two percent had a socket. 17 percent of the power connections were operated with green electricity in 2019.

“Electric cars should reduce CO2 emissions in traffic and relieve cities in particular of exhaust gases. Most of the people there live in apartment buildings. The charging options here are still completely inadequate,” criticizes Prof. Dr. Roman Suthold from the ADAC in North Rhine-Westphalia. “Even if more and more public e-charging stations are popping up, charging at home and overnight is the most convenient and effective for users. But if there is no way to do this, it also deters potential e-car buyers. Without the electrification of the car fleet, the climate protection goals are unattainable,” explains the mobility expert.

Anyway: Almost a third of the real estate managers surveyed (30 percent) who do not yet manage a property with a charging option are planning a corresponding expansion. The insecurity of the companies decreases. Three years ago, almost half (49 percent) of the property managers in the ADAC survey were still unclear as to whether they should have charging options installed. Now the share is 26 percent. A good every second company (53 percent) would like “offers from a single source” for the installation with planning, assembly, commissioning and billing. Unsurprisingly, 55 percent of those surveyed stated that funding programs would be helpful when deciding on a charging infrastructure. A sticking point still seems to be the lack of interest on the part of tenants and owners – at least according to the statements made by the real estate managers. With this, 46 percent of the companies without a charging option justify their negative attitude towards the installation. In the 2019 survey, however, this was still decisive for 79 percent of those surveyed.

Pleasing: For two-thirds of all apartment buildings that already have charging options, companies are planning further expansion within the next two years (2019: 27 percent).

Since the change in the Home Ownership Act (WEG) on December 1, 2020 tenants and owners in multi-family houses have it basically easier to enforce a claim for a charging facility at their parking space. Since then, 31 percent of the companies surveyed have registered more such inquiries. However, half of the property managers say that the WEG change will affect them little or not at all when setting up charging infrastructure. Only 58 percent state that they support interested parties with inquiries about charging options.

Background: The ADAC selected eleven major German cities for the survey: Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt/Main, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Leipzig, Bremen, Dresden and Hanover. A total of 916 companies were asked about the number of managed properties with more than ten parking spaces. Of these, 250 companies took part in the survey. The sample contains apartment buildings with typical private underground garages, multi-storey car parks or parking lots in German cities. The survey took place in July and August 2022. In 2019, the ADAC conducted a survey for the first time to determine the status of the expansion of private charging options in apartment buildings.

The ADAC in NRW has been offering one since 2018 together with the NRW Electrical and Information Technology Trade Association Free initial consultation for private charging of electric vehicles an.

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