Chariot Adrien as Lady Gaga in the Star in the Star

A In the star Star 8. Lady Gaga in her semi-finals – in her first production – Adrien Szekereswho became the most versatile female performer of Season 8, as she is the only woman to compete after Lili Péterffy was eliminated last week.

Adrien Szekeres as Lady Gaga (Source: TV2 /
In the star Star – video)

It was not an easy task for the singer, as as Lady Gaga she not only had to sing perfectly, but also had to flash her dance skills on stage:

The jury gave an amazing praise to her production, and Ramóna Lékai-Kiss also to the figure of the 48-year-old singer. “I want to emphasize that you sang fantastically, but I can’t go beyond what you look like. Bombastic or with two kids behind you! You dressed unconsciously! You have chosen this costume. (…) I’m fainting from you and your place in the final ” He praised.

Featured image source: TV2 / Star Star video

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