| Charles and George in tears, Andrew and Harry bowed

London: Britain’s Crown Prince George also cried when he saw tearful faces. His mother Kate’s words of comfort did not help him either. George (9) is the son of Prince William, the next in line to the crown. The royal family’s tears are a tribute to fans in Britain.
Charles the Great became emotional at the end of the funeral services at Westminster Abbey. With this, Queen Camilla could not control her grief. Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle, broke down in tears as she straddled the royal family.
The dignitaries of the royal family came to the funeral in military uniform. The Queen’s daughter, Anne, also wore a military uniform. But his son Prince Andrew and Charles’ son Harry were banned from wearing military uniforms. Andrew was humiliated by the sexual harassment case. Harry was humbled by his differences with the royal court. The two bowed their heads as other members of the royal family saluted the Queen.
Pictures of Andrew walking alone when the body was taken to Windsor Castle have also emerged. In 2019, Andru fell out of favor with the palace when the sexual scandal cases came. Harry has served in the army for 10 years. Harry lost his royal titles in 2020 when he announced that he was stepping down.