Charles Hoskinson talks to the Ethiopian Ministry of Education about the Cardano Africa Tour, traders should keep an eye out.

In the Cardano Africa Tour of Charles Hoskinson, Input Output Global CEO and Founder of Cardano, held in Africa and spanning several countries from south to north. (ends in Egypt) with a visit to Ethiopia first Before having plans to visit Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and Egypt as well.

during the visit He went to the local Ministry of Education to discuss opportunities for the country’s digital transformation using blockchain technology.

Hoskinson’s tours have also been to the Republic of South Africa and beyond, meeting with the president and top businessmen to discuss the future of their country. Digital transformation is controlled using blockchain innovations.

Cardano’s team will travel throughout Africa. The goal is to participate in the selection of startups. It receives not only the necessary financial support from the VC fund, but also the necessary consultation and other support.

IOG is currently working to make IT education in different parts of the country a large base. Even in Ethiopia, IOG has partnered with the government and works with 5 million teachers to empower students with bright futures.

However, Cardano’s team, along with its CEO, will travel across Africa to meet innovative startup heads and diplomatic figures. And this tour will cover areas such as Zanzibar, South Africa, Burundu and Kenya to expand Cardano’s blockchain network primarily for education.