Charlotte Flair reiterates she is the best in WWE with or without her last name – WWE News, AEW, Results and more! – PRWrestling

In an interview on The Masked Man Show, Charlotte Flair expressed that she is not very liked by the WWE public and explained the background of the current situation.

“I don’t think people appreciate me right now. They don’t realize what they have until someone or something is gone. And when I go, I will fall as the greatest of all time, male or female, ”she said.

Becky Lynch caught the former WWE champion by surprise by talking about the fight the two had. Flair reacted by saying that he never goes out of his way to put others down.

“The reason I don’t look down on others is because I know what it’s like to be knocked down every day. Every day someone wants to take away my success. Oh, he handed it to her. Oh, it was given to her. Oh, this is Ric Flair’s daughter. Oh, she’s political. All of these things. No one can accept the fact that if my last name was not Flair, I would still be the best athlete in this company, male or female. “

Flair has been criticized for the claim that her last name defines her career, adding that her name does not define the challenges she has to go through behind the scenes.

“Since I’m a Flair, they automatically think I can walk into Vince’s office because I’m Ric Flair’s daughter and say, ‘This is what I want to do today.’ If that’s the case, don’t you think I’d have a longer title run than the 8 seconds a couple of years ago at Money In The Bank? ”He said.

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