Charlotte Woman Dies of Aneurysm; two days before the Johnson & Johnson vaccine was given

Allyson Hendrix, a Charlotte woman, says her mother, Darlene Blackwell, died two days after receiving the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine. She believes that the single dose was the cause of her death.

Baffled by the death of Darlene Blackwell, Hendrix assured that he was an excellent person who always cared about others.

“She was a good mother, but she was an even better grandmother. His grandchildren were his life, “he told FOX 46.

Hendrix described Darlene as a physically small woman, but with a huge heart; she was always ready to fight and help.

“Fighter. She was small and powerful. She helped me on our chicken farms; she helped me a lot with the children. She was my number one babysitter. Everything.”

When Blackwell finally decided to get vaccinated, he turned to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine for the convenience of a single dose.

“She was like, ‘I’m going to do that, it’s easier, I don’t have to do that, you know, two trips.’ He got it on March 30 ”.

Allyson recounted how her mother’s health began to deteriorate after two days of being vaccinated.

“Everything was fine, she went shopping with my grandmother. They got home, got sick, started to feel nauseous. He got sick in the bathroom. My grandmother came back to see how I was and she wasn’t responding, she wasn’t responding. He had to open the door with a screwdriver and found her on the floor without answering. “

The aneurysm was too large

Darlene got into a critical situation and doctors had to perform a CT scan.

“They couldn’t figure out what was going on so they did a CT scan and that’s when they found all the bleeding in the brain. At first it was so massive that they thought it was actually two aneurysms, but it was only one. It was so big”.

Unfortunately, Darlene Blacwell passed away on April 9.

The Hendrix family began to seriously question whether the Johnson & Johnson vaccine had been the cause of Darlene’s death.

“That night we decided that we had to end life support. We were sitting at my grandmother’s house and the news was rejected, but I was reading the headlines and they said that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine was discontinued and stopped. I just realized what happened, “he said.

For its part, Johnson & Johnson halted distribution of its vaccine after a minimal number of clotting cases were recently reported.

The CDC said reports indicate that the cases occurred among women between the ages of 18 and 48 between six and 13 days after receiving the dose.

“It is a big hole. I have lost everything, I do not have my mother, the person who would help me with the children when I was sick. It’s a whirlwind, ”Hendrix said.


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