Charta Politika Survey: Anies Baswedan’s Declaration to Boost NasDem Electability

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – A survey by the Indonesian Charta Politika agency stated that Anies Baswedan was declared a presidential candidate by the Party NasDem managed to increase the electability of the party made by Surya Paloh significantly. In fact, the institution notes that the electability of the NasDem Party is currently the highest in 2022.

“NasDem has increased from 4.8 percent to 6 percent, from this survey there is a tendency for this to be the highest in 2022. It can be speculated that there is a momentum of influence from the declaration of the NasDem Party on Anies Baswedan,” said Executive Director of Charta Politika Indonesia Yunarto Wijaya during a press conference online, Tuesday, November 29, 2022.

Several factors make the tailcoat effect affect NasDem, because until now only the party led by Surya Paloh has endorsed it Anies Baswedan. In addition, Yunarto said that the NasDem and Anies cadres worked hard by meeting the public after the declaration was held. “This means that there is speculation because of the claims made by NasDem himself against Anies Baswedan, this has a tail effect on NasDem,” said Yunarto.

PAN Touches Parliament’s Threshold

The general chairman of NasDem Surya Paloh declared Anies Baswedan as the 2024 presidential candidate in early October 2022. Since the declaration was made, Anies has been diligent on political safaris to various places in Indonesia.

Even so, the increase in electability of NasDem only placed the party in sixth place as the party with the largest electability. In first place, there is the PDI Perjuangan with 21.7 percent, Gerindra, 14.5 percent, Golkar 9.8 percent, PKB 8.5 percent, Democrats 7.3 percent, PKS 6.9 percent, NasDem 6 percent, and PAN 4 percent. “The first PAN in our survey has exceeded the numbers parliamentary threshold,” Yunarto said.

In the next sequence there is PPP 3.6, Perindo 2.5 percent, and other parties below 1 percent. Yunarto explained, even though PPP had not touched numbers yet parliamentary thresholdHowever, the electability of the party bearing the Ka’bah symbol managed to increase significantly compared to the previous survey which was only 1 percent.

Survey Charter Policy Indonesia will be held from 4-12 November 2022 involving 1,220 correspondents using a random sampling method. This survey has a margin of error of 2.83 percent.

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