Chartres 2: Elisabeth Fromont and Franck Masselus (LR) want to “secure the crossings of villages”

Élisabeth Fromont and Franck Masselus (LR), candidates of the “Territoires d’Eure-et-Loir” departmental majority in the departmental, in the canton of Chartres 2, toured the fifteen municipalities of this territory during the campaign of the first round departmental elections.

“There is not an open-air meeting where we have not been told about this problem of the crossing of heavy goods vehicles in the villages”, affirms Franck Masselus.

Departmental elections: the canton of Chartres 2 “in continuity”

The canton has three main activity zones: those of Mignières and Gellainville and the Jardin d’Entreprises, in Chartres. Elisabeth Fromont underlines:

Without economic development, the territory dies, but we must ensure that our fellow citizens do not have too many nuisances.

The candidates point in particular the finger “heavy goods vehicles registered abroad which do not follow the deviations”. The pair proposes “to experiment with video verbalization” to sanction carriers who do not play the game. And intends to work on “the implementation of the departmental road master plan”.

If they are re-elected, they want one of the two candidates to join the roads commission at the Departmental Council.

Helene Bonnet