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CHARTRES – Course: The Instrumentarium of Chartres

by archyw

From Thursday October 7 from 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Center du Vitrail, School of Stained Glass and Heritage, 1 rue de Bethléem in Chartres: lessons. The Instrumentarium of Chartres.

By André Bonjour, educational advisor in musical education, president of the Instrumentarium de Chartres association

The inventory carried out by the Instrumentarium of Chartres of the 320 representations of musical instruments in the cathedral of Chartres contributed to a better knowledge of the building. Most of the research into our sound past must take the multiple and fragile paths of representation in illuminations,

statuary, the windows, the frescoes and the stalls.

The representation is in itself a source of questions: fidelity of the original, conditions of realization, skills of the worker, symbolism and ideology of the commission, without forgetting the ravages of time (rain, wind, snow and multiple pollution) . The inventory of traces completed, became obvious: a musical instrument is really alive only when Man grabs it and makes it sound.

The Instrumentarium of Chartres therefore continued its research towards a restitution workshop for the instruments depicted in the cathedral. A restitution which requires not only instrument makers, but also technical historians, acousticians and musicians, who, together, try to make sound and sing what is frozen in stone and glass.

This cycle of eight conferences will allow you to discover, understand and hear this unique wealth in Europe.

8 lessons of 1h30: 52 €. (Membership not included)

Information and registration on +33 2 37 21 65 72.



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