Chartres psychologists analyze the consequences of Covid-19 on children and adolescents: “These two years may have generated a feeling of insecurity”

“For a child, feeling safe is fundamental to creating social ties and to acquiring learning skills. “Mélanie Fouré, psychologist practicing in Chartres, recognizes that the virus could cause a feeling of anguish in some. “Depressive syndromes have appeared in children and adolescents. For some, this has even led to mutilation or suicidal thoughts.

A social withdrawal experienced in various ways

Lockdowns have also led to isolation. “Some were apprehensive about going out, they felt reassured at home with a complex in relation to the outside world and a fear of confronting others,” notes Valentin Monteleone, a psychologist specializing in autism.

Observation also observed by Ondine Hivert, psychologist from Chartres: “Anxiety increases problems tenfold, amplifying a feeling of uncertainty. Some were afraid to face the outside world and felt in a safe cocoon at home. For introverts, social relationships are energy-intensive because they are sources of anxiety. Others have taken refuge in a virtual world of screens generating a need for immediacy that becomes a frustration in the real world. »

Read the interview with Mélanie Fouré, psychologist in Chartres

Childhood and adolescence are periods of life where we build ourselves. “This requires moments with loved ones but also others where you move away from your parents, it is empowerment and affirmation of your identity. Schooling at a distance and then behind a mask may have modified these processes.

Thomas Desprez

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