‘Chatchat’ leads walking-running for good health, a new way of life Revealing that investing in health is worth more than going to a hospital. – Live news

Chatchat leads a walk-run for good health, a new way of life, against the threat of COVID-19, reiterating that health is important. Investing in health is worth more than going to a hospital. Good health must be done by yourself

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At 5.00 a.m. on 26 June 65, Mr. Chatchart Sitthiphan, Governor of Bangkok The chairman opened the activities of Nong Khaem Walk-Run Project for good health, a new way of life against the dangers of COVID-19.

with Mr. Khachit Chatchawanich, Permanent Secretary for Bangkok, Mr. Chalermphon Chotinuchit, Deputy Permanent Secretary for Bangkok, Mrs. Maneewan Srisawad, Director of Nong Khaem District, management team, civil servants and officials in Nong Khaem District. Nong Khaem Ruamjai Group network partners and related agencies participate in activities at Phutthamonthon Park, Nakhon Pathom Province

Mr. Chatchat said that today is considered the first time outside of Bangkok. Because Nong Khaem District does not have a large area for running events We must find a large area for running. Today we are in the open It’s not necessary to wear a mask. When running, they are far apart, except when they are close to each other. have contact should be put before must be careful Covid hasn’t gone away. Exercise is important.

“I always try to say that good health is not for sale If you want, we have to do it ourselves. I think the investment in health is more worthwhile and most important. Better than investing in a hospital good health makes us work can take care of the people we love Thank you to the network partners who helped organize the event. including the private sector as an important force in urban development May everyone exercise happily. reached the finish line as intended,” said Governor Chatchat.

For Nong Khaem Walking-Run Project for good health A new way of life against the dangers of COVID for the year 2022, organized by Nong Khaem District Office together with Nong Khaem Ruamjai Group. and network partners have a purpose To provide knowledge of walking-running training according to sports medicine principles It is a campaign to create a trend and an alternative to exercise for health. Organize proper walking-running training according to sports medicine principles. encourage and encourage behavior change By emphasizing the importance of movement through walking and running training in daily life, increasing steadily and steadily

as well as promoting the creation of a walking-running club for health For such activities, it is divided into walk-run distance of 10 km and walk-run distance of 5 km. Each category has 3 prizes, namely males aged not over 49 years, females aged not over 49 years, males aged 50 years and over, females aged 50 years. years and up, as well as raffle lucky draw souvenirs for walkers and runners Those who participated in the activities according to the project all 3 times and those who passed the finish line in the specified time will receive a commemorative medal.

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