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Bad operation for the Berrichonne. Faced with a very good team of Avranches, the men of Marco Simone fell from very high at the Stade René Fouillère. Despite a few situations on both sides, at the start of the meeting, the two teams could not find the fault. We have to wait until the last minutes of the first half for the game to get carried away. At 35 ‘, on a released shot by the opposing goalkeeper, David Pollet opened the scoring for the Avranchinais. Less than ten minutes later, it is captain Castelroussin, Yannick M’boné who comes to tie the teams (44 ‘). But the locals immediately regained the advantage through Pollet, again him (45 ‘). In the second half, the Bleu and Rouge sank, conceding two red cards and a third goal from Florian Bianchini (80 ‘). Next meeting for the News against Le Mans, while US Avranches will try to confirm in Sète.

US Avranches ratings

  • Brice Cognard (6)
  • Bastien Launay (6)
  • Harold Voyer (7)
  • Mathis Lemeray (6)
  • Martin Experiénce (6)
  • Charles Boateng (6)
  • Pierre Magnon (6)
  • Madih Talal (7)
  • Reda Lamrabette (6) : replaced by Mohamed ali gueddar (77′)
  • Florian Bianchini (7)
  • David Pollet (8): replaced by Jordan Kassa (86 ‘)
  • Frédéric Reculeau (coach, 6)

Notes of Berrichonne from Châteauroux

  • Paul Delecroix (4)
  • Adama Mbengue (4): replaced by Sofiane Daham (79 ‘)
  • Yannik M’Boné (c) (5)
  • Peter Ouaneh (3)
  • Bendjaloud Youssouf (4)
  • Aldom Deuro (4) : replaced by Baptiste Canelhas (79 ‘)
  • Johathan Mexico (3)
  • Kevin Fortuné (4)
  • Ferris N’Goma (4)
  • Gilles Presentation (4) : replaced by Natanaël Thio (66 ‘)
  • Thomas Robinet (4)
  • Marco Simone (coach, 4)


David Pollet (8) : The number 9 Avranchinais made a very good start at home. Author of a double in the first period, the striker will have been in all the right moves.

Madih Talal (7) : The midfielder of Avranches would have deserved to mark as his presence was essential. Despite everything, the 23-year-old is behind David Pollet’s second goal.


The Castelroussine defense (4): Despite the goal of Yannick M’Boné, the defense of LBC will have been in great difficulty this Friday evening, like Peter Ouaneh. The number 4 was sent off in the dying moments of the game.

Jonathan Mexico (3): For its first steps with the Berrichonne, Mexico will have had a bad evening. While his team lost, midfielder Castelroussin is the author of the first red card of this match (71 ‘).

Thomas Robinet (4): The new recruit will not have had the same success as in his first league game. Apart from a crushed strike at 9 ‘then a missed duel against Brice Cognard (39’), the former Sochalien did not find the fault.

Photo credit: LBC



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