Chayanne shares a video dancing and her appearance worries fans

Chayanne shared a video on his account Instagramabout the filming of his new video of the theme “Dancing bachata” where he took out the forbidden steps and showed off the look that he will wear in the recording, but that was not what caught the attention of his fans.

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“What do you think of the look? What happens is that we are making the video for ‘Bailando bachata’ and this is the outfit, the clothes from the video. I hope you like it, we are happy with the song and start dancing. I want to dance with you, teach me some little steps and I will teach you others,” the famous man is heard saying in the video.

and although the singer looks pretty good, slim and wears a white shirt with black details, gray pants and a pink jacket, His followers could not help but notice that the interpreter looks something strange, so they immediately began to comment on the publication, assuring that he looked better before and even suggesting that he had surgery.

“With that surgery that was done, it was damaged, and heavily made up. I want my Chayanne from before”, “It is the position of the camera that makes it look strange”, “You are very skinny Chayanne”, “Please someone fire the stylist”, some commented.

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Chayanne recently drew sighs by showing himself in a robe while recording part of the video “Dancing bachata”, where he left more than one wanting to see what was behind the garment.

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2023-06-01 22:06:38
Chayanne shares a video dancing and her appearance worries fans

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