Chayanne turns 54 celebrating his return to music with a romantic ballad “I love you and period”

Chayanne You have many reasons to celebrate. This June 28th he turns 54 and does so at a great moment in his life, after having returned to music with a romantic ballad that has his fans delighted with its lyrics and melody: “I love you and period”, his new song .

After a four-year break in his career, last Friday the Puerto Rican singer premiered “Te amo y punto”, one of those ballads that are capable of transporting you, give you goosebumps and come with a video clip included. A song that many hope will only be the preview of a new record project on the way…

“I love you and period” landed on digital platforms a few days after the 54th anniversary of the Puerto Rican, who has been working in the industry for almost four decades. The song has once again proved the affection that its fans have for it, because just a few days later it exceeds a million views on YouTube; a figure that Chayanne celebrated with all his Instagram followers.

“A million thanks”. This is how the famous artist thanked the support that his unconditional fans are giving to the new single.

His real name is Elmer Figueroa Arce and during his long and successful career in music he has left us great songs and hymns such as “A century without you”, “I would leave everything”, “I love you”, “Salomé” or “Tiempo de waltz”. Themes that continue to be heard over the years and have consecrated Chayanne as one of the most acclaimed Latin artists of all time.

And we can’t think of a better way to celebrate Chayanne’s life than by listening again to some of his biggest hits. Here are some for you to celebrate his 54th birthday with him:

Congratulations Chayan!

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