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Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara’s ‘lucky lighter’ for sale. Che’s lucky lighter sale will take place through an online auction organized by Paul Fraser Collectibles. The auction starts at Rs 285936. Anyone can participate in the online auction.

In 1965, during Che’s voyage from Prague to Havana, the plane was diverted to Shannon due to an engine failure. After spending a night in Shannon, Che went to a duty free shop at the airport. Curiously, Che bought the lighter. Not only on the return journey from Shannon, but on most of the subsequent voyages, Che had a lighter with whom he described as the lucky lighter.

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Eventually, Che presented the lighter to Fidel Castro’s partner, Revelta Clouse, and told him that the lighter was unlucky. The lighter that ignited Che’s revolutions, curiosities and disappointments is now up for auction.

Che Guevara was captured by Bolivian forces on October 8, 1967, following information provided by CIA spies. He was then assassinated on the orders of Bolivian President Rene Berriantos.

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First published:June 20, 2022, 5:59 PM IST

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