Cheap iPad with USB-C Launching This Year? page all – Apple is reportedly preparing to introduce the iPad entry-level 10th generation (iPad 10) this fall 2022, or most likely in September alongside the iPhone 14 lineup.

This tablet will be the successor of the 9th generation 10.2-inch iPad (iPad 9) which was released in September 2021.

According to technology media 9to5mac, iPad 10 will bring a number of major upgrades. One of them is the aspect port charging.

Industry sources say that the iPad 10 will switch to using the port USB Type-C, alih-alih port Lighting as on the iPad 9.

If true, then Apple will really completely leave port Lightning and embed USB Type-C for all iPad series made.

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So far, Apple has four iPad series. First, the iPad Pro has already switched to USB C in 2018. Second, the iPad Air series has also left port Lighting in 2020.

Then thirdly, the iPad Mini will also follow using a USB Type-C port in 2021. Well, fourth and lastly, there is a cheap version of the iPad series which is predicted to also switch to a USB C port in 2022, namely the iPad 10.

9to5Mac Illustration of an iPad with a USB Type-C port.

USB Type-C has several advantages over other USB connectors, such as port Lightning for example.

First, USB-C has properties reversible. This means that users can easily flip the head of the USB Type-C cable if they want to insert it into the connector hole smartphone.

Second, USB Type-C supports USB technology up to version 3.1 Gen 2 with data transfer speeds of up to 10 Gbps.

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In comparison, Apple’s legacy Lightning port still uses standard USB 2.0 technology.

Leaked iPad 10 . specs

In addition to USB C, Apple is also rumored to have added other specification improvements to the 10th generation iPad. For example, the 10th generation iPad is said to be powered by chip A14 Bionic that “masters” the iPhone 12 series.

Other specs leaked include 5G support, Retina display, and 10.5 or 10.9-inch LCD screens.

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In terms of looks, it is said that the iPad 10 will carry the same design as the iPad 9. The price of the iPad 10 is also likely not much different from the iPad 9 which is priced starting from 330 US dollars (equivalent to Rp. 4.8 million), as compiled from PhoneArena.

With this price, this iPad series is the cheapest iPad series, when compared to the iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad Mini series, as summarized KompasTekno from 9to5MacTuesday (28/6/2022).

iPhone will also use USB C?

GSMArena Illustration of an iPhone using a USB Type-C connector for charging and data transfer.

Apple also seems to be ditching port Lightning on the iPhone lineup. According to rumors, Apple is said to be testing the iPhone with port USB-C internally.

Renowned analyst and often accurate leaker of Apple’s new products, Ming-Chi Kuo previously also predicted that Apple would replace the lightning connector with USB Type-C on the iPhone 15, which will be released in 2023.

In a thread on his personal Twitter account, Kuo said that the latest iPhones released in the second half (July-December) of 2023 will leave port lightning and switch to USB-C.

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Transition from port Lightning to USB Type-C is apparently also motivated by the approval of the bill (UU) “USB Type-C” into a new law by the European Union Commission in early June 2022.

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The regulation requires all electronic devices, including smartphonewhich is marketed in 27 European Union countries using port uniform wired charging, i.e. USB Type-C.

According to the schedule, the mandatory use of USB-C will be effective starting in the fall of 2024 or around September-November 2024.

With this rule, Apple can’t help but leave port Lightning, which he currently uses in a number of his products, such as the entry-level iPhone and iPad tablet, so that they can still be marketed in the European region.

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