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OFFER: Belgrade, Serbia, is one of the cheapest city break destinations in Europe

Finding a perfect vacation spot is hard enough – finding one that does not break the bank is almost impossible.

But travel experts have shown that British vacationers in Europe can still make a bargain by visiting some of the "unsung cities" of the continent.

Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, does not come first in the travel lists of most people.

But a study by Unsung Cities League shows that this city has the cheapest beer prices in Europe at 1.4 million, with a bottle of the local brew for just £ 1.73.

"Now is the time to move to a city that is probably cheaper than old favorites"

Andrew Brown, postal travel spokesman

Compare this to Krakow in Poland, favorite of Brit Hirsch, and holidaymakers could save up to 12%.

Paris, the city of love, saw more than 23 million tourists run its famous streets in 2017.

But the same study shows that a trip to Toulouse, in the south of France, would save an average of 38% on your vacation.

Post Office Travel Money spokesman Andrew Brown warned the British not to get caught up in expensive travel destinations.

Beer in Belgrade, SerbiaGETTY

CHEERS: A beer in Belgrade costs only £ 1.73

Bratislava, SlovakiaGETTY

OUTSIDE: Bratislava in Slovakia is off the beaten path

Toulouse, FranceGETTY

NOTHING TOULOUSE: The French city is much cheaper than Paris

He said, "Vacationers need to be careful to do their homework before booking, and budget accordingly.

"With Europe's lesser-known capitals and second cities investing in tourism, now is the time to invest in a city that is probably cheaper than its long-established favorites.

"In Eastern Europe, there are several historic capitals – led by Belgrade, Bucharest and Bratislava – that can compete with Krakow, Prague and Budapest in terms of both prices and attractions.

"In the west, Porto is a great alternative to Lisbon, while cities like Valencia, Verona and Toulouse are cheaper than city breaks like Barcelona, ​​Venice and Paris.

Verona, ItalyGETTY

SAVE: Tourists on a budget can visit Verona instead of Italy in Italy

Valencia, SpainGETTY

BUDGET: Valencia, Spain, is a cheaper alternative to Barcelona

Here are the 10 biggest savings that Brits can make in city breaks by visiting lesser-known rivals found by Post Office Travel Money.

1. Bratislava (Slovakia) against Vienna – save 44%

2. Toulouse v Paris – save 38%

3. Verona v Venice – save 36%

4. Valencia v Barcelona – save 35%

5. Porto v Lisbon – save 33%

6. Antwerp v Bruges – save 30%

7. Bucharest (Romania) vs Budapest (Hungary) – save 24%

8. Ljubljana (Slovenia) – Dubrovnik (Croatia) – save 22%

9. Belgrade (Serbia) – Krakow (Poland) – save 12%

10. Hamburg v Berlin – save 1%


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