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Motherboards with the A620 chipset can help make AMD’s platform more affordable.

As successful as AMD’s Ryzen 7000 series may have been, the high price of the platform did not help its sales: potential customers not only have to buy the CPU, but also most likely memory and motherboard as well. In the case of the latter, there have not been many cheaper versions on the market so far, even the models based on the B650 chipset intended for the mid-range have prices above HUF 70,000 (this is particularly harsh, as AMD wanted to start at $125 when the platform was announced motherboard prices). The models carrying the entry-level A620 chipset can help with this, six of which have now appeared on a website of the Central Committee of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEC).

Five of the six slots are made by Gigabyte and one by ASUS (the former are called A620M D3H, A620M DS3H, A620M S2H, A620M H and A620M K, and the latter is called TUF Gaming A620M-Plus D5). It can be deduced from the names that they are all made according to the microATX standard, and compared to the B650, they will offer fewer PCIe lanes and USB ports. Regarding the prices, we only hope that the starting price of 125 dollars (which is currently equivalent to HUF 45,000) will be maintained.

While the A620 chipset can make AMD’s platform more affordable, cheaper AM5 boards can come in the future. AMD has already announced the B550 chipset for the AM5 socket, which, according to the information available, should be cheaper than the B650. It is possible that the B550 will be followed by even cheaper chipsets, but nothing is certain yet.