Cheaper loans for economical rental apartments


by Helmut Poppe

(02.05.2022) Hesse is increasing its interest rate subsidies for the construction of highly efficient rental houses. This was announced by Economy and Energy Minister Tarek Al-Wazir on Saturday.

Hesse improves funding conditions

“We are reacting to the rising construction costs and are creating incentives to continue investing in energy efficiency,” said the minister. “Because the cleanest and cheapest energy is that which does not have to be generated in the first place.”

The Hessian program is primarily aimed at housing companies, but is also accessible to private landlords. It is based on a KfW program that grants a 12.5 percent subsidy for repayment. Hesse is supplementing this with a subsidy for interest on loans, which is now increasing from 0.72 to 1.32 percent.

The prerequisite is that the funded measure achieves the particularly high KfW efficiency house standard EH 40 NH. A building erected according to this saves almost twice as much energy as is currently required by the legal requirements. It must also meet other sustainability criteria. KfW continues to accept applications for these particularly strict requirements.

The Hessen State Energy Agency (LEA) provides further information on the subsidy hotline 0611 – 95017 8440 or at [email protected]