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Cheated with WhatsApp messages

On Thursday, three women in the district of Bautzen fell victim to fraudsters. Together they lost more than 8,000 euros.

A 61-year-old from Lauta received messages from her supposed daughter on her cell phone. She stated that she had lost her cell phone – which is why she now has a new number. The 61-year-old was asked to pay a bill of almost 2,600 euros. Believing that she was helping her daughter, the woman transferred the requested amount.

A 54-year-old from Wittichenau received similar messages via the WhatsApp messenger service. She also triggered a transfer and lost 1,900 euros.

A 76-year-old woman from Bautzner transferred around 4,000 euros to the scammers in two installments using the same scam. It was only later that she found out that her daughter was not in the pretended emergency situation.

In all cases, the criminal police took over the investigation into fraud.