Cheating drama about Iris and Peter Klein: What happened behind the scenes

This year, the Versace whisper was particularly loud. Iris Klein’s Instagram posts dominated the headlines during the jungle camp. Not the celebrities in the bush, but the companions of the candidates who came with them caused the biggest scandal. Daniela Katzenberger’s mother accused her husband Peter of cheating on her – with Yvonne Woelke, Djamila Rowe’s girlfriend.

Yvonne Woelke and Peter Klein deny cheating allegations

Peter and Yvonne explained live in front of the camera in Australia that there was nothing wrong with the allegations of cheating. You just get along well. He still loves his wife after 17 years of marriage and she has no sexual interest in Peter.

Iris and Peter Klein meet to discuss

But after the departure, pictures appeared that could suggest the opposite. Were there kisses in an airport elevator? Did you sit cuddling in the waiting area? Peter Klein is currently with his wife Iris, who fled to daughter Jenny Frankhauser in Worms. After a hospital stay, the two met for a “vocal and impulsive” discussion, management said.

This is how Julian FM Stoeckel experienced Peter Klein in Australia

TV star Julian FM Stoeckel conducted an RTL podcast on the edge of the jungle camp and lived with the crew and the jungle companions in the luxury hotel Versace. The marriage drama also stirred up the Berliner. Which party is the most credible? He says to the AZ: “I met Peter again as a very likeable, reliable and charming man in the Versace! I was shocked that he was said to have cheated on Iris. But the photos that appeared at the airport of course give a strange picture.”

Sympathy: “I feel sorry for Iris, but also for Peter”

Stoeckel feels sorry for both of them. “To be honest, I don’t know who is where at the moment? I’m seriously wondering where the whole thing is going to go. I feel sorry for Iris, but also for Peter. I think the most important thing is communication and speaking. You can solve such a problem differently not solve.”

But it is still unclear whether Iris and Peter Klein can save their marriage. After the first meeting in Worms, the management said on Saturday: “It has not yet been possible to achieve a result, it is unclear in which direction it is going. Iris is just too injured and hit for that at the moment.”

Behind the Scenes: Who Should Lucas Cordalis Believe?

Julian FM Stoeckel knows the drama behind the scenes at the Hotel Versace after Lucas Cordalis left the jungle camp. During his time at the campfire, he had no idea that his mother-in-law had been accused of cheating. As the person concerned, Peter also denied the allegations to his son-in-law Lucas. Stoeckel on the AZ: “Lucas, of course, found out all this information in different doses. Of course, I also gave him my impression – I like Lucas and didn’t want him to jump in at the deep end!”

Yvonne Woelke was the jungle accompaniment to candidate Damila Rowe (left) and is also friends with Micaela Schäfer (right).

Entire family against Peter Klein: Statements by Daniela Katzenberger, …


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Lucas Cordalis is now back with his family in Mallorca. He enjoys his happiness together with his wife Daniela and daughter Sophia. The singer wants to act as an intermediary between Iris and Peter Klein, it is said. But he also said to RTL: “I also know my father-in-law, he’s such a decent person. I would never have believed it, if I’m honest.”

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