Check out 11 simple exercises that boost memory and concentration

Exercises for memory and concentration are important to keep the brain active. These practices also increase learning ability and help prevent cognitive decline that can occur over time.

The exercises can be done at home, but it is essential to consult a neurologist if the difficulty in memorization is accompanied by language alterations or if it is interfering with daily activities.

To promote brain health, it’s also important to consume foods rich in magnesium, vitamin E and omega 3, as they boost brain function associated with memory. Some examples of foods with these nutrients are fish, nuts, oranges and bananas.

Check out some exercises that help boost your memory
  • play games like sudoku, 7 mistakes, word search, dominoes, crosswords or putting together a puzzle;
  • Read a book or watch a movie and then tell someone;
  • make a shopping list, but avoid using it while shopping and then check if you bought everything that was noted;
  • take a shower with eyes closed and try to remember where things are;
  • Change the route you take daily, because breaking the routine stimulates the brain to think;
  • Switch the computer mouse aside to help change thought patterns;
  • Eat different foods to stimulate the taste buds and try to identify the ingredients;
  • do physical activities like walking or other sports;
  • Doing activities that need memorization like theater or dance;
  • Use non-dominant hand. For example, if the dominant hand is the right, one should try to use the left hand for simple tasks;
  • meet friends and family, as socialization stimulates the brain.

In addition, learning new things like playing a musical instrument and studying new languages ​​are other activities that can be done in everyday life and that help the brain, improving memory and the ability to concentrate.

Exercise Benefits

When the brain does not receive stimuli, the person is more likely to forget and lose the ability to carry out activities quickly and quickly. Memory and concentration exercises are also important for:

  • Reduce stress;
  • Improve recent and long-term memory;
  • Improve mood;
  • Increase focus and concentration;
  • Increase motivation and productivity;
  • Increase intelligence, creativity and mental flexibility;
  • Make thinking and reaction time faster;
  • Improve self-esteem;
  • Improve hearing and vision.

With exercises for memory and concentration, there is an increase in blood flow with oxygen and nutrients to the brain.