REDWOOD CITY (KRON) – This weekend is Madden's challenge – a tournament for the venerable NFL gaming franchise, which has grown enormously over the years.

Some of the best e-sports athletes in the world have gathered in the Bay Area. They applied for a grand prize of $ 190,000. For the first time, it will be live in a brand new studio at the EA headquarters.

Electronic Arts brings the best e-sports talents to the Bay Area and shows us their brand new competition studio at the Redwood Shores headquarters where competitions like the Madden 19 Challenge this weekend are being broadcast.

"And they'll be like this, wait, what are you doing, e-sports, what's that, and so you start explaining it to them and they look like people are playing video games? Yes, they do and many People, "said Joe Lynch, EA's broadcaster.

Todd Sitrin, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the competition division, says that E-Sports has become very popular and attracts many viewers.

"E-sports has really exploded and that's what makes people crave video games," said Sitrin.

KRON4 has gotten a glimpse of the new EA studio – what they call a "one-stop-shop", so that the company can host competitive gaming events, shows and a place where players can be interviewed, bringing viewers and Fans get an insight into the world of e-sports.

"They play 6 to 8, 10, 12 hours a day and make six people playing video games and it's just getting started, with more and more tournaments appearing," Lynch said.

It all starts this weekend – with the first Madden NFL 19 Challenge.

Players like Boogz – who does this for a living – have already arrived and received an insight into the new studio.

"It's amazing, especially the fact that we now have a home base," he said.

The company says this studio shows that they have committed to delivering competitive experiences over the years, and it is said that E-Sports is just beginning.

"It's really great that we can do it, it's really great that we can build and assemble it, and the best part is what's coming," said Lynch.

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