Check required: BUND environmental organization wants to stop the 5G mobile communications standard

The environmental organization BUND is calling for an expansion stop for the latest 5G mobile network in Hamburg.

Without an assessment of health and environmental compatibility, the infrastructure should not be expanded, said regional manager Manfred Braasch in Hamburg.

In addition, the mobile network is currently being expanded without the required technology assessment. The BUND handed over his demands with 6000 signatures to the mayor’s office of Mayor Peter Tschentscher (SPD).

Hamburg is one of six 5G model regions in which the expansion is particularly promoted. Practical applications are already being tested in the port area. Future projects like autonomous driving would not be possible without 5G. The BUND fears health problems due to electromagnetic waves.

From the point of view of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection, citizens do not have to worry about health damage caused by cell phone masts as long as the limit values ​​are observed. The effects of mobile communications on health have now been well researched, said the President of the Authority, Inge Paulini, the German Press Agency. “Accordingly, there is no evidence of negative health effects below the limit values.” These findings could be “largely” transferred to the new 5G mobile radio, since the frequency ranges auctioned in early summer are “identical or comparable” to those previously used.

Experts point out that the greater radiation exposure comes from the mobile phone itself, not from the mobile network. Mobile phones adapt their transmission power to the local conditions. The weaker the network, the stronger the devices have to spark. Those who want to protect themselves should avoid making calls when reception is poor, as occurs on trains, in cars without an external antenna, or in poorly supplied areas. It should also be noted that the intensity of electromagnetic fields decreases rapidly with distance. Just a few centimeters make a huge difference. It is therefore recommended to use a headset or use a hands-free system.



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