Check your horoscope for November 16, 2020 | Daily News

Solar time November 16, 2020 Lunar period Matches on Monday, 1 lunar month, 1 year, Chawad Toke, commune 1382 Rising sun Time 06.18 a.m. Real Time 12.03 p.m. Sunset Time 17.47 Monday fall Time 19.28

Today At 00.00-17.30, Dao Moon Savoei, the 17th constellation, consists of the king of the auspicious king, means the King of the land, time 17.31-24.00. Priests, monks, brahmin clergy, missionaries, teachers, secluded teachers from 00.00-24.00 The auspicious direction – north (southwest), unfortunate direction – east (northeast), daily color – white Auspicious colors – black, purple, gray, unfortunate color – red, red, orange. Zodiac sign Kali resides – Scorpio

Born today boy Emotions, aesthetics, kindness, intelligence in various knowledge around them, charming, likes to dress, agile, agile, famous, unreliable But relatives Dating people close to you like a criminal Likes to have good friends girl He likes association, speaks well, has eloquence, has a high mind, self-esteem, has intelligence. Witty, aptitude Like education It is loved by those who have seen it. With mercy support Have prosperity Solid proof Happy family

Born on sunday Are interested in being in the family There is preparation in every way for stability. There is a move to improve the house and residence for the better. There are difficulties in managing the property. There will be improvements, changes, and migration of work. Has great persistence in building one’s body

Born on Monday Career will be prosperous. Resulting in better flexibility and financial status Trusted by others The lover acts like a close friend. Can rely on consultation The rumors of a hectic love fade away, and the doubts were eliminated. Have the opportunity to have a house or something of value that is important together

Born on Tuesday Be careful there will be problems and regrets about the servants. There is a loss of profit or benefit Life should be used with caution. Entering a partner must be careful. Should be avoided at the risk of uncertainty. Able to find a way to create the future Have morale to work to build yourself. Will be a supervisor

Born on a Wednesday There is some gathering together to promote the destiny. The work we do will be successful and will receive satisfactory benefits. Should take your lover to travel abroad Some foreign land will make the relationship better. Those who do not have a partner will have a friend of the opposite sex. Will be able to make correct decisions about love

Born on thursday You should take good care of your health. Will suffer annoyance from the lesser Should be careful about food. Life should be prudent to combat inclement weather conditions. Subordinates will be disappointed by the destiny. Seeking help is a united cooperation.

Born on friday Will study the mystical and wonderful subjects They have great morale and must take great action in response to external stimuli. By the mysterious drive from within There is an abundance of thought expression. Feelings and internal activity Push for success Have the opportunity to meet the opposite sex Have the opportunity to help each other

Born on Saturday There will be difficulties in the family. Be careful to misunderstand each other. Despite the variation, but encouraged. Able to suppress the emotions strongly, in turn, will tighten the relationship more tightly Should be careful in life. Should be cautious in taking risks Spouse, lover, love and compassion.



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