Checks the Rp 195 billion Garbage Filter Project, Anies Recalls His Early Moment Leading DKI


DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan reviewed the Ciliwung River waste filter project in the TB Simatupang segment. This garbage filter is located on the border between Pasar Rebo (East Jakarta) and Jagakarsa (South Jakarta).

“This morning I made a working visit to watch closely the construction of the garbage filter,” said Anies Baswedan at the location, Monday (26/9/2022). Anies was present with the Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta, Ahmad Riza Patria.

Anies then told about the early days of his leadership as the Governor of DKI Jakarta. He was highlighting the pile of garbage around the Ciliwung River when the water volume increased.



Anies said that a lot of the garbage came from outside Jakarta. The garbage, he said, entered Jakarta through the Ciliwung River.

“Then at that time, I asked the team ‘where is this garbage from?’. A lot of garbage comes from the area, from outside Jakarta it enters through the Ciliwung River,” he said.

“Well, my question then is, why is it not filtered before entering the city so that the entire watershed area, right and left along Ciliwung in Jakarta City is free from this overflow of garbage,” he added.

Anies said the DKI Provincial Government then discussed the concept of a waste filter. Finally, said Anies, the garbage filter will filter the garbage before finally moving the water flow to densely populated residential areas.

“Then it was discussed, discussed, and it was decided to build a garbage filter on the spot before entering denser settlements, more densely populated areas,” he explained.

He said that the waste filter project will be built in 2020. He said that the provincial government has prepared a budget for the construction of a waste filter worth Rp. 195 billion. However, Anies said, the project was delayed because the budget was diverted for handling the COVID-19 pandemic.

“What is the value, sir? Rp. 195 billion. Then we found out that in 2020 there was a pandemic so that many programs at that time had their budgets diverted for handling COVID, so thank God the conditions are better now. The budget is now available and is now being implemented,” he said.

Anies said the pile of garbage that passes through the Ciliwung River reaches 52 tons per day. This amount, he said, is equivalent to one unit of TransJakarta bus. He hopes that this garbage filter can control waste from entering Jakarta.

“You can imagine the amount of garbage that comes in, 52 tons per day. If this is allowed, every month it will be at the Manggarai Sluice Gate with a fantastic amount. That’s why the processing is prepared here. So the technology used is the latest where the waste is not just transported, but processed first in this place,” he said.

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