Cheer-Accident – Here Comes The Sunset

Does Cheer-Accident intend to rest? No. At least, it’s said. The group from Chicago continues to express their avant-garde side that made them famous with their brand new album called Here Comes The Sunset.

We will once again have to expect a good dose of inventiveness and avant-garde with Cheer-Accident. The fusion of genres is the key word and this Here Comes The Sunet is no exception with the unbridled introduction of the name “Star Vehicle (4 Flats)” with this very mutant groove or with syncopated soul-jazz ” Velvet Squirrel House” which follows. The Chicago group stops at nothing, whether on the energetic “Dream Police” led by the masterful voice Carmen Armillas or on the technical improvisations of “Les vandales de Paris” and “Then Again”. Here Comes The Sunset is still an original tour de force from one of Chicago’s most technical formations.

Note: 7.5/10