Chelsea Apologizes to Fans and Reaffirms Long-term Vision Amid Turbulent Season

Chelsea, under the American umbrella for more than a year, have fallen on hard times despite the huge injection of capital by partners Todd Boehly and Behdad Eghbali last summer. Their golden ambitions have encountered many obstacles this season.

Faced with a disappointing twelfth place finish in the Premier League this season and a confusing recruitment strategy, Blues fans have had to dig deep to find moments of celebration. Faced with such disappointment, the club saw fit to address its supporter base on Thursday.

In a gesture of humility, Chelsea apologized for this troubled time, while reaffirming their commitment to delivering on their long-term vision. The message is clear: despite the current difficulties, management remains determined to lead Chelsea towards a brighter future: “Our promise was to make our fans proud. We remain fully committed to this long-term plan for our club, and to delivering on the promise we made to you. (…) Obviously, for our men’s team, the season has been disappointing and there are many things that we can and will do better. Throughout these difficult times, our fans have supported our players and our team across the country and Europe with unwavering loyalty. We couldn’t be more grateful for your incredible support. We are proud of the creation of our Fan Advisory Board, which will meet for the first time this summer, and we are confident that its new members will ensure that you are at the heart of our club’s decision-making. We will continue to ensure your voices are heard as we look to the future.”

Nicolas Jolivet

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2023-06-08 16:52:01

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