Chelsea confident that the new owner will sell for more than £4 billion before Monday – yqqlm

Original title: Chelsea is confident that the new owner will sell for more than 4 billion pounds before Monday

After a long period of time, Chelsea is finally welcoming its new boss. According to CBS’s Ben Jacobs, New York Bank’s Raine Group and Chelsea believe the new owner of Chelsea will be selected by Monday.

The Chelsea transfer, hosted by the Raine Group, reached its final stages this week, with three bidders meeting for the last time. The three bidders were Todd Boehly (owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers), Sir Martin Broughton (former Liverpool executive) and Stephen Pagliuca (owner of Atlanta and Boston Celtics).

It is reported that Boehly and Broughton have a better chance than Pagliuca, but Pagliuca has a very grand plan for Chelsea, in addition to the stadium and even the planning of off-field income.

According to “Sky Sports”, the final price of the acquisition of Chelsea may be between 3.5 billion and 4 billion pounds, which will be the largest acquisition in the history of the sports industry. But last week, current boss Roman Abramovich also asked three bidders to increase their offer by a further £500m, and the three bidders tended to agree to Abramovich’s demands.

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