“Chelsea Fans Approve Enzo Fernandez’s Price Tag After Impressive Performances”

Chelsea fans weighed in on Enzo’s price
May 27, 2023 12:32 p.m.

Enzo Fernandez became the most expensive signing of the Premier League after his great world Cup in Qatar 2022. The 22-year-old midfielder was chosen as the best young player of the world and a month later Chelsea He disbursed 120 million euros for his file. However, the Blues they were the disappointment of the season in Europa.

Despite the bad moment of the set of Londonthe fans are more than satisfied with the performance of Enzo. In the end, regardless of the fact that the results do not match, the ex-midfielder from Defense and Justice, River Plate y Benfica always records the best statistics in each match. In the last few hours, the well-known account @CFCPys conducted a survey of fans Chelsea about whether they would pay the same price again for Enzo.

As expected, the vast majority of fans responded positively and highlighted the work of the Argentine since he landed in Stamford Bridge. Along the same lines, after flattering the native of San Martinsome took the opportunity to attack Mykhaylo MudrykUkrainian winger for whom they paid 70 million euros and who has failed to score a goal in 17 games.

The great praise of Frank Lampard for Enzo Fernández

The idol and current DT of the Blues He knows that he will be removed from his position for the next season. However, he took advantage of the end of his stage to be full of praise with Enzo: “Understand everything. You get what it takes to be a player of the Chelsea and he is a great talent. He has impressed me as a player.”

2023-05-27 18:46:57

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