Chelsea owner launches his 500 million dollar megayacht, one of the most expensive in the world

When he is not taking care of matters relating to his team, Chelsea, Roman Abramovich you know how to invest your money to get the most out of it. If one takes into account that his fortune exceeds 18.9 billion euros –He is ranked 105th richest men according to ‘Forbes’– there is no doubt that the range of possibilities is quite wide. The Russian is passionate about motoring and does not think twice when it comes to indulging in the odd whim. The last? A megayacht whose dimensions and price place it among the most expensive and impressive that exist.

As planned, its construction would finish this summer. Said and done, after months of hard work, the boat that receives the name of Solaris, it has begun to plow through the waters. The boat has 140 meters in length, and according to the newspaper ‘The Sun’, it is larger than Buckingham Palace. Inside it has 48 cabins where guests can enjoy a luxurious experience to which should be added those of the crew, which is around 60 people.

The English media indicate that it is larger than Buckingham Palace – © Gtres

As usual, all the details are taken care of to the maximum. Outside, it has eight decks in which the space is divided between practicality and leisure in a very balanced way. On the one hand, there is a helipad and an area that houses all kinds of water toys such as jet skis and different instruments for sports and on the other, there is the part in which there is a large pool, a Spa and several ‘chill out’ areas with gazebos, sofas, ‘chill out’ lounges, a lounge bar and a space for parties to be held.

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It does not lack detail
It does not lack detail – © Gtres

With regard to technical specifications, it has two motors capable of rotating 360 degrees that allow to propel the boat in all directions and allow its maneuvering system to be much more complex and that manage to propel it up to 18 knots. Little is known about the interior details, but what is known is that it has a gym, a movie theater, a games room and even a beauty center.

As for the cabins, most have a terrace and the presidential suites include a dressing room, living room and bathrooms worthy of five-star hotels. Regarding the decoration, although the external part follows very discreet minimalist lines, it is most likely that the interior is much more extravagant and that the works of art and avant-garde furniture are not lacking (as is the case in other of his boats).

Other of his whims

The tycoon owns other private jets and yachts
The tycoon owns other private jets and yachts – © D.R.

Abramovich owns three other yachts of considerable size: The Big Blue, Luna y el Pelorus. But that’s not all, he also has to his credit a Boeing 767-33A ER – whose construction was a commission from Hawaiian Airlines known as The Bandit – a Boeing 767-300 and a 767-700 whose prices exceed 75 million euros.

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