Chemical attack in Syria: Russia airs a story telling a staged

Chemical attack in Syria: Russia airs a story telling a staged

Russia aired last night what it presents as the testimony of a Syrian boy claiming to have participated in the staging of a alleged chemical attack in the Syrian city of Duma on April 7, and that could be shown to the UN. Shot by the Russian public television channel Rossia 24, the boy’s interview was taken up today by almost all Russian public media. It should be released to members of the UN Security Council at its next meeting as evidence of “manipulation” related to this alleged attack, according to Russian Ambassador to the UN, Vassili Nebenzia. READ ALSO: Chemical attack in Syria: the difficult task of international inspectors The “poison gas” attack on Syrian government forces, which killed at least 40 people in Duma on 7 April, triggered strikes in Washington, Paris and London against Syrian installations and a spike in diplomatic tensions. Moscow and Damascus denied that Syrian forces launched a chemical attack on Duma and accused opponents of Bashar al-Assad of staging. In his report “The Staging of the War,” Rossia 24 claims that the boy presented as Hassan Diab, an 11-year-old Syrian, whose remarks could not be independently verified by AFP, played the victim of a chemical attack in a video shot according to the Russian channel by the NGO White Helmets, rescuers in rebel zones who reported this alleged attack. The boy says nothing about the possible presence of cameras on the spot, but a man presented by Rossia 24 as his father, Omar Diab, claimed that “the fighters gave for the participation in this shooting dates, cakes and rice “. READ ALSO: The narrow path of diplomacy in Syria

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